I Scored A Gourd!

Yep, that’s right. For about a year I’ve been noticing these random birdhouses built from hollowed-out gourds. And for some reason I’ve always wanted one of my own. So, when I passed by a display of them while on our family trip to Branson this past weekend, I knew there was one with my name on it. My pick…a pretty red number that’s sure to attract some lovely feathered friends. I can’t wait to find its tree. However, I’m going to hold out for now…if we decide to move anytime soon, I’d have to leave it behind should a bird decide to make it a home.

My new gourd birdhouse, purchased in Silver Dollar City, USA.

We do, however, have one birdhouse that’s currently occupied in our home. Inspired by the old river cabins he used to visit as a kid, Lucas built this sweet birdhouse out of shingles. And a few little finches thought it looked just right.

Finches in our homemade birdhouse

And, while I’m on the topic of random birdhouse creations…how cool are these?! They might just have to be our next tree ornament…yeeeee-haw!



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3 responses to “I Scored A Gourd!

  1. Hello Emily! I just love your new gourd birdhouse! When we first moved to the cottage, there was a birdhouse in one of the gardens. It was so fun to see a birdy family move in and take up residence. This year, we did some landscaping, and removed the garden AND the birdhouse. I feel a little bad for robbing the birdy family of their home. Hopefully next year we’ll be putting in a new one. :)

    You have a lovely little blog, and I’m so glad you “invited me over”! Thanks for reading b*spoke. It’s great to have you as a neighbor!

  2. Love your new gourd Birdhouse. I’m searching for inspiration for my homegrown gourds. I’ll definitely consider the colour of this one! Thanks for sharing.

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