New in Town

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Kirkwood, Missouri. It’s a charming suburb town about 15 minutes outside of  St. Louis City. And cookie-cutter it is not. It’s full of character, charm and  historic, well-loved homes. Downtown Kirkwood is centered around a historic train station, which is surrounded by countless shops and restaurants…with new ones popping up every day.

Last week, Tito, Frankie and I took a walk downtown…and it’s August…in St. Louis…and this summer is just like all the others…hot. So when we walked past a new store called Clay and Cotton, I was more than thrilled to find a giant dog bowl cheerfully welcoming my thirsty pals to take a drink.

Yey for a dog-friendly Clay and Cotton!

It must have been about 4.8 seconds later that a tiny terrier (seriously about the size of Frankie’s right paw) came darting at us. While he tried to interest my dogs in a game of “betcha can’t get me,”  I spotted the store he had escaped from —  Blush (another Kirkwood staple, now with a new home). Which was exactly when it hit me…

I need to return with my camera and give a few of these new shops some Living Room love!!!

And, that, I did…

First Stop — Clay and Cotton
(aka. Tito and Frankie’s new favorite watering hole)
157 West Argonne Drive   :  corner of Clay and Argonne

What’s Inside : home goods (especially bright, cheerful rugs and pillows), gifts, women’s clothing
Feel : vibrant style with a modern-day euro twist — colorful, friendly, upscale, green
Plus : super dog-friendly…LIKE if you go for their grand opening September 16-19, 10% of all purchases go to Stray Rescue (if I wasn’t sold already, hearing that sealed the deal)

Take a Peek…

quite possibly the cheeriest wall in, bright pillows, quilts and blankets to lust
each vibrant, unique rug has been inspired by a cultural icon or event, about $75

"green" picture frame made with recycled magazine pages, $25
and bowl to match, $47
a little nod to the StL with fleurdelis glasses, $10 each

I highly, highly suggest you (and Rover) check out the newest store on the block!

Next Stop — Blush
(okay, it’s not new…but the location is ;)
110 N. Clay Avenue

What’s Inside : women’s clothing, jeans, jewelry and even a little furniture
Feel : stylish, young, upscale, hip…everything you need for a night on the town
Plus: their store has had such success, they had to move from their original space on Jefferson to a bigger, brighter space just around the corner

Take a Peek…

the perfect balance of style and sass

cute summer pieces
bedazzle me!

now imagine wearing these WHILE sipping from those matching fleurdelis glasses...cute, huh?

I loved their handmade "back-to-school" window decor...

...and a little bummed to hear they weren't for sale. guess I'll just have to make some of my own.

Join Blush on Facebook and get in all the newest styles, updates and SALES!

And Our Final Stop — Funky Junky
(perfect for the upcycler in us all)
112 E. Jefferson Street

What’s Inside : upscale resale, antiques, uniques, surprises!
Feel : whimsical, fun, antiquing, discovery
Plus: they constantly get new (to you) things in…so you never know what treasure you might find inside!

Take a Peek…

treasure waiting to be found
love, love, loved this shabby-chic chalkboard, $42
teapot planter, $23.50
and an old-school (umm...literally) locker full of "hidden" treasures!

That’s the end of the tour for today. For a little more info on all the new places, check out this recent write-up in the Webster Kirkwood Times. And, while you’re browsing, don’t forget to stop by two of my all-time favorite Kirkwood shops Christopher’s (across from the Farmer’s Market) and Moonbeams (next door to Funky Junky).

Kirkwood Farmer's Market



5 thoughts on “New in Town

  1. I love stores that are pet-friendly. Note to self: When I re-landscape the front yard, be sure to have a spot for a water-bowl for dogs on a walk.


    PS: I found your great blog (and subscribed) via a comment you left on Young House Love

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