Mild-Makeover Sunday

I’ve come to realize that all of this recent DIY blog-browsing has started to rub off on me. For example, this morning I took  a “quick” trip to return a pair of lampshades to Bed, Bath & Beyond, and 2 1/2 joyful hours later, I was headed home with a trunk load of goodies from Marshall’s, HomeGoods and (of course) Target.

Thus became the start of Mild-Makeover Sunday in our guest room.

To be quite honest, other than paint, I’ve never done much to our guest room. It’s kind of a mismatch of things, and a place for Lucas to keep all his clothes and stuff since I’ve taken over our master. It was time to give it a little bit of TLC…

The Guest Room BEFORE:

It felt a little dull. It’s also alotta brown.

Lately I’ve been feeling inspired by numerous sightings of simple, green, blue and white beach cottage-esque rooms. I decided a few little touches could get me closer to that sea-like harmony. It began when I found this little white and “worn” nightstand at Marshalls. I thought it would be the perfect start to getting over that brown-on-brown-on-brown effect I had going on.

I debated on a new comforter while I was there, but the one I had my eye on just wasn’t feeling quite right. So I headed over to HomeGoods and started to browse. I typically don’t have much luck finding duvet covers at HomeGoods, so I pretty much expected to come home with a quilt or a comforter set. However, while I was browsing, I heard a woman say, “hmmm, they have more duvets today than they usually do…” and at that serendipitous moment, I found my duvet (just $39.99 with matching shams :):

And while I was there, I also snagged this sea foamy, lolipop-like candle holder for $9.99.

To finish off the room, I felt like the wall to the left needed a little somethin’ somethin’. So, I strolled on over to Target, and found this simple 3-piece floating shelf set.

A hammer, some nails and a quick shopping spree around the house, and I had myself a new little spot that now does a pretty handy job of breaking up all that brown. (ohh, and those mirror window sconces? I noticed those in my basement on my way down to get the hammer. A couple new candles and those old babies from my condo long, long ago will be brought back to life.)

And tah-dah…just like that, in a few simple hours on a Sunday, our neglected guest room now has a new, cozy feel.

The Guest Room AFTER:




P.S. This $15.99 throw also snuck into the cart at Marshalls. I thought it would be the perfect touch for our master…



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5 responses to “Mild-Makeover Sunday

  1. Jane

    Hi Emily,
    Your blog is so cute! The Kirkwood post made me even more excited to eventually move back :) And good job on the room makeover. Love the guest room comforter!!
    Talk to you soon,

  2. Emily – Love the new look! Especially love the sea-foam greenish hue. I also am in love with the beach-cottage style! That’s one reason I sent you that Completely Coastal blog. My guest room is also in that style and is a work in progress. I have a whole “do-it-yourself” wall of beach cottageness I created. Lot’s of fun!

  3. I just love that color blue. I usually find myself wandering around Target on Sunday afternoons, too.

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  5. Kim

    We have that same duvet in our guest room. Many a friend has said how that room looks so inviting!

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