DIY – Milk Bottle Greenery

I think I was about 8 when my mom introduced me to the Philodendron — aka, the most resilient houseplant in the world.

And I think I was in college when she gave me one of my own (shown above, and still kicking).

But other than the fact that this is the only species of plant I’ve kept alive since fall of ’98, these plants can easily be regrown for a fun and easy DIY household decoration — something I like to call “Milk Bottle Greenery”  (a trick my mom also taught me when I was 8.  :)

To make your own Milk Bottle Greenery, all you need is:

A. a potted philodendron, which can be bought just about anywhere

B. a glass bottle, like a rinsed out milk or soda bottle

To spruce up the fun even more, use a unique, vintage bottle as your vase…

Once you’ve picked your bottle, just carefully pull off one of the stems from your potted plant, making sure there’s enough room for it to reach the water.

Then fill your chosen bottle with water, and the place the stem inside.

After a few days, a root will start to develop until it essentially fills the inside of the glass.
The plants like sun, but not too much. You’ll rarely have to refill the water. It’s just a totally low maintenance way to add a stylish touch of greenery. And the best part — they’re nearly impossible to kill!

I, personally, am addicted. They’re all over my house…

And I love the natural look of the roots once they start to fill up the entire bottle.

any questions on making your own…just ask!



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3 responses to “DIY – Milk Bottle Greenery

  1. Love this! I am notorious for killing plants. Sounds like even I can’t screw this one up!

  2. can one leave the philo in the glass permantly? I had a friend that had two foot vines and crawling on the window sill and only saw a jar of roots?

    • I’ve had mine in the jars for years, and they seem to last forever! Just switch out the water every month or so, so that they can absorb new nutrients.

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