Closet Refresh 101

Lucas and I are thinking about putting our house on the market again. Only this time we’re going to try it without a realtor.  So I was reading up on ways to make our house more attractive to potential home buyers, and came across an article on the nest on “How To Sell Your Home For The Best Price.”

Tip # 8 : Clean and configure your closets.

One thing it recommends is to use matching hangers. This helps convey the idea that your home is organized. Seemed easy enough, so I decided to give it a try.

My (cluttered) closet BEFORE:

Sooo…I started taking everything out and putting them all on white hangers, then ran out. I guess I didn’t buy enough. I did, however, have enough of that type of hanger, just in different colors. So, I improvised and decided to color code it. Long sleeves on black hangers, short on white, and a little color mixed in. All the clear plastic “came with the shirt when I bought it” hangers are being removed…

My (cleaner) closet AFTER:

Hey, not bad for about 15 minutes of work, and $4 worth of new hangers. 

Now if only I can keep it up…


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