Birthday Girl

Since Frankie was a rescue, we really don’t know when her actual birthday is. But, since we got her in mid-October when she was more or less 8 weeks old, we always say it’s August 15th. Somehow, this year, we managed to let that day slip by without the cake and ice cream soiree every great dog deserves, but her good friends over at the hospital were still on top of it.

Last Thursday, they celebrated their favorite furry friend with special treats, doggie ice cream and her newest stuffed pal — a squeaky, scrunchy, chipmunk/beaver/hedgehog toy (what it is, is still up for debate…but a dog would never judge, so neither will we)

I don’t know who was more excited — Frankie, or the patients who couldn’t stop laughing at the sight of her crazy smile when she tore that creature out of the package.

But she hasn’t taken her paws off of it since…

Thanks for thinking of us, Shelly!

It’s good to be loved. :)


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