Kitchen Inspiration

Today, I’m feeling inspired. I have this strong urge to repaint my kitchen. It’s red. Dark, bold red. Five years ago, this was my favorite room color of all time.

But, that was five years ago.

Today, I feel blue. Not sad-blue because my kitchen’s red, but relaxed-blue, because that seems to be the color I’m drawn to in every freaking beautiful blog I’ve come across in the past month or so that I’ve become obsessed with blogs.

My pick of the day – Centsational Girl’s paint swaps, as seen here.

Isn’t that beautiful?

When you check out her whole post, she shows the amazing ways that color can make a home feel so complete. And now I want my home to be that way, too.

When I said blue, I guess you could have thought anything….cobalt blue, royal blue, turquoise blue, baby blue. So, to be clear (if the picture above wasn’t), I’m talking grayish, tranquil, relaxing, soft, cottage-inspired, beautiful blue.

Kinda like this one, from Young House Love:

(well, it’s almost so blue it’s green…but still, I find it to be blue-tiful ;)

I’m not planning to paint my whole house blue. I do like our current, neutral colors. Like our dining room:

But I am thinking my kitchen might just be the place for a blue-redo. Sure, it will call for lots o’ primer to hide the red, but I think it’s time. And a fantastic way to spend a Friday night…sort of.

I’ll see how ambitious I’m feeling tonight. Maybe I won’t delve into the paint quite so soon. Or maybe I will. I do think, if nothing else, I am going to paint the area below my chair rail white. That should add some character, and even an updated touch. Like so:

So, look forward to a follow-up post of how far I go with this. There’s even a slight chance that if I’m really on a roll, I’ll repaint my bedroom from the buttery yellow I did about a month ago (and didn’t fall in love with as I had planned).

We shall see….



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5 responses to “Kitchen Inspiration

  1. Oooh, how lovely ! I confess, I was soooo into red a few years back, but now I’m so into softer grayer colors. Hopefully they will last ! Thanks for the linky love! Be sure to let me know when you’re done, I’d love to see your final color! I do like the color in your dining room!

  2. I vote to do it!! I think it will really freshen up the space and make it feel more open and modern. I love that dusty gray/blue color as well! It is one of my favorite’s, especially paired with white – I think with your white cabinets, it would work perfect!

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  4. Kellie

    I saw your post on Kate’s site. What color is the neutral shade on your dining room walls?

    Would you mind sending me a quick e-mail?


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