Book Club for Winos — The Hunger Games

Somewhere in between the chilling love story of Twilight and the suck-you-in world of Harry Potter, lies The Hunger Games. It is, like the other preteen sensations, a series of books good enough to staisfy a group of very busy 30-somethings.

The story takes place in the future. But not syfy future, political future. When I try to describe it, it sounds, well, dorky. But it’s such a great read. Do you remember the old story we had to read in 6th grade Literature class, “The Perfect Game?”  Well, it’s like that but with a 21st century plot. It’s about a yearly game created in the “New World” of North America after what was once the U.S. was destroyed in war. As a reminder to what happens when citizens revolt, the country holds the yearly Hunger Games where two teens from each of 13 districts are sent out to a reality tv type of world and fight till there’s only one man standing…

I feel like the review isn’t making sense or doing the book justice, so basically…read it. All the girls in book club loved it, and have or have already made plans to read the next two books.

I say, “It’s the perfect book to get lost in.” The rest of book club says, “Wow. Gotta read them all!.”


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