it’s almost over.

The long, stressful, emotionally draining process of finding our next home –  our “forever” home — is almost complete. It took just about a year. And it’s been a beast of a year at that. But somehow, amidst all the chaos surrounding a poor market, a weak selection, a slew of realtors, and conflicting viewpoints, we found the home we’ve BOTH been looking for.

It wasn’t easy. Lucas and I have incredibly different ideas of what we want in a home. And since high up on my list was staying in the area, and his was a big backyard, it seemed like our oxymoron of preferences was getting us nowhere.

But just a few days ago, for the first time in a year, our anxiety turned to excitement. We already had a contract on the home, but due to the circumstances in which we found it, we were hesitant to admit that it was ours. Now we know it is.

It has an amazing backyard. And incredible location. And the good fortune of being passed on by a family who has lived there for over 50 years.  It’s going to need some work. But it’s work that I can’t wait to do. I’ve already spent hours thinking about paint colors, bathroom tile and new bedroom sets. Lucas has already analyzed the yard from top to bottom, deciphering the perfect light for his newest pumpkin patch.

Seriously, I keep thinking it’s too good to be true. We’re so close, I’m just praying it keeps going as smoothly as it has. Isn’t this how it’s supposed to be, though? It’s like what they say about finding “the one.” It should be easy…

Even selling our house was a breeze! It took 14 days, by owner, and the perfect couple walked through the doors and loved it. And I can’t even tell you how excited I am that I know they’ll take as much care of it as we have! Sure, there are a few more things to go. But the inspections are done, the closing date is set, and every day we get one step closer.

Soon I’ll start posting more pictures. I still have this fear of jinxing us though, so I’m going to wait. Kind of like that St. Joseph statue buried in the front yard…he’s not coming out until closing day. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’ll explain it in another post. Catholics have their ways of getting things done.

For now, just getting ready! And getting through these next few weeks. Oh, and we have an incredible agent if anyone is looking to move to the Kirkwood/Webster area. She’s 100% the reason we have this new home. And meeting her was sheer fate.

For now, here’s a little glimpse at the frontdoor:

And the backyard:


More pics to come!


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