Out-To-Dry Paint Brush Holder

Since my past month has been dedicated to repainting our entire house — and the color in some rooms is taking 1, 2  and 3 tries to get right — I’ve been going through a lot of paint brushes. So I’m doing my best to rinse and reuse them as much as possible. I’m really struggling with the kitchen color, so last night I was playing around with some more color samples.

I used 3 different paint brushes, rinsed them, set them by the sink, and went to bed. This morning, I was still feeling that urge to try more, and noticed that my brushes weren’t dry yet. And that’s when something caught my eye. This little container of chocolate powder was waiting to be put outside to recycle. Hmmm. Recycle…That shape. That plastic. That solution!
I immediately rinsed out the chocolate, found some scrapbook paper to pretty it up, and just like that…a totally cute, totally FREE place to dry my paint brushes! My drying spot went from this:

To this!

This would also be great for other storage – markers, pencils, rubber bands, buttons….

I love it. Not bad for a 6 am creation!
And, hey, it ended up being “recycled” after all.



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5 responses to “Out-To-Dry Paint Brush Holder

  1. You should always save the cardboard that goes around the bristles and put them back in that to dry. Keeps their shape. Cute container, though! :)

  2. Such a clever repurpose! The shape of the container is perfect, and the scrapbook paper you added is beautiful! Great way to keep your counter tidy!! Buy good brushes (Purdy are my favorite) and always keep those cardboard wrappers as suggested above. DIY is definitely a learning process! Thanks for linking up at WhisperWood Cottage!!

  3. Great idea! I am all about reusing containers. I save Pringles cans, icing containers, etc. for storing all kinds of things. And I especially love making them beautiful with scrapbook paper and Mod Podge.


  4. maya

    If your going to use the same paint color the next day or in a few hours, just wrap the paint brush in a plastic baggie and seal up the paint brush (no rinsing required) in a pringles can and the paint brush will stay wet until the next day to use again. For some reason I hate cleaning up and rinsing the brushes more than I do the painting.
    btw thanks for the tip on the brass fireplace!

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