Love At First Shot

I’ve been bouncing around the idea of getting a “real” camera lately. And, after talking to a few camera-saavy people, I  knew it would be either a Nikon or a Canon. I was a little scared of the big price tags they came with, but still couldn’t quite shake the urge to have one of my own. Especially with the little one on the way.

So, when I woke up bright and early this morning and headed to Target to pick up some necessities, I decided I’d swing by the camera aisle to decide if I should go team Nikon or team Canon. Then I saw the Canon price tag…the clearance Canon price tag. Which was followed by the sleepy high school boy behind the counter telling me it was the last one…meaning I’d get 30% off of it since it was the display.  At first “display” frightened me. But the sleepy (but incredibly nice) boy reassured me that most people don’t come to Target to mess around with the DSLR cameras, so really it probably is in pretty good shape. Plus I had 90 days to return it.

And the deal was sealed. Except when I got home I realized I didn’t have a battery charger, and it had the wrong battery (hence the display model). So, to make a long day short, I went back to Target, once again talked to the incredibly nice (no longer too sleepy) boy in red, and was given a great deal on a new battery plus another 10% off the camera for having missing parts. When it was all said and done, I had a my very own SLR camera — with lens — for hundreds of dollars less than I would have paid anywhere online. Wow. The financial gods were on my side today (probably karma for them being NOT on my side earlier this week with some iphone troubles).

So, when I got home, again, and had no idea what I was doing, I took my first shot:

Yep, one press of a button and that was it, I was addicted.

Here’s Tito doing his “deer in headlights” pose.

And Frankie doing her “howling hippopotamus” impression

And Tito getting his turn-left mug shot. “Yeah, I stole her bone. Wat-chu gonna do ’bout it, bub?”

Whoever said black dogs don’t photograph well?

And, finally, a little play-by-play of Frankie and Rilo bonding on the couch…

Definitely a productive day in the world of beginner’s photography. I’m thinking about signing up for a class to actually learn all the fun features on the new camera. For now, I think I’ll keep testing things out with my zoo full of models.



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2 responses to “Love At First Shot

  1. Yay!!!! Go Team Canon!

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