Toe-tally Amazed

There are some things you don’t fully grasp the humor of until you’ve become a parent.

Like toe sucking.

Tonight, Lucas and I were beyond entertained at the sight of Marco reacting to the sight of his toes. Image

The oohs. The ahhs. The sluuuurp…smack….mmmmms.


And, of course, sticking them in his mouth and going to town.

I know this is another totally normal milestone for 5 month olds. But when it’s your own, it becomes absolute, laugh-out-loud hilarity.

With a bit of admiration, too.

About two weeks ago, we were wondering why he hadn’t found those little suckers yet. And just like everything else we’ve discovered so far, it happens in the blink of an eye.

Seriously. If we’re this excited about seeing him find his toes, I can’t imagine what we’re going to be like the first time he scores a goal!


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