My Holiday Art Project

Walk into our house, and you’ll immediately notice our original oak, built-in bookshelves surrounding the mantel. I think they’re pretty beautiful. But, easy…they are not. Rather than figuring out how to decorate one mantel for every season, I have the challenge of adorning the mantel, and it’s two sides.

I recall not being entirely thrilled with whatever I ended up doing last Christmas. Then again, with a newborn in the house, it was all pretty much a blur anyway. So, this year, I did what any other sane woman my age would do…I searched Pinterest.

That’s when I came across this festive, glittery reindeer.

I figured I could do that, times two. So I simply bought some sale-priced canvases, a little glitter and some glue. Then I found a couple of cute reindeer silhouettes online, and roughly drew them from there.

I have to say, I’m pretty pleased with the final products!


With one deer on each side, I now have some balance to my extra-long mantel. They cost me a total of maybe $16 and, seriously, I think I had the whole project finished in about 45 minutes. VERY imporant since my little 1 year-old helper was there by my side.

And now I’m starting to wonder what I could create if I had 4-day weekends all the time…

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One response to “My Holiday Art Project

  1. Chrissy

    I love them!!! They turned out really cute, I too pinned that gold reindeer glitter art and was trying to figure out how to accomplish it myself. Off to google deer hear silhouettes… haha… never thought I would be saying that ;)

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