Photos With Santa – Rewind

With Christmas just two days away, I thought there was no better time than the present to take a little glance at our Santa photos of year’s past.

First of course, would be this year’s. It’s Ty’s first Christmas, and we were pretty confident that he’d be flashing that gummy smile for the man in red. The question was, would our curious two-year old do the same? Shockingly, after nearly two hours in line to see the “best” Santa in town, he did. Love it.

That makes us 3-for-3 with happy Santa photos. Here’s hoping the tradition continues!

Now, a look back. Christmas 2012  – Marco and Santa seemed to get along pretty well.Image

Christmas 2011 – Marco’s first Christmas. He was about 10 weeks old. I don’t think he quite knew what he was doing up there, but he seemed content, none the less.Image

And, the Santa photos don’t stop there. Everyone knows Marco wasn’t the first “baby” in the family. Nope his sister Frankie and their old buddy Tito had their chance to prove they’d been nice, too. One of my favorite pictures ever. I think it was 2008.Image

And finally, time to go way back. My guess is 1982. I’m the baby of the family, down in the bottom right. I have to give my mom credit for not dressing us in matching holiday gear. Though, Allen’s sailor shirt is definitely a classic.


Happy Holidays!


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