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Christmas 2013 – Bringing it Back

“Lovely, glorious, beautiful Christmas… around which the entire kid year revolved.” -A Christmas Story

Yes, so true. As a kid, Christmas was everything. It was packing up the station wagon and driving our family of six from Missouri to Connecticut to be with my aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents. And for some reason, my only memory of the trip is my cousin, Holly, getting a Rainbow Brite pony. I, did not.

It was getting the best Christmas present ever, my tiny Calico kitten, whose sweet patchy face popped out of a perfectly wrapped box revealing a holiday surprise I’ll never, ever forget. And it remained with us for the next 21 years.

It was dancing the night away to the golden oldies that filled our jukebox with our best family friends, the Andres’, down in our basement.

It was taking the trip downtown to St. Louis Center to see the Christmas Bear display then waiting in line to sit in Santa’s lap.

It was waiting in a line of neighborhood traffic to get a glimpse of the Minor’s house, a family in our parish who decorated their home in Griswold-like proportions.

Yep, it was pretty much everything.

But, as time went on, and I grew up, the magic of Christmas started to blur. I still enjoyed it , especially as the youngest of four, it meant that all of my older siblings would be back from college for a few weeks. This gave me a break from the suffering of an “only child.” And, when I was in college, or moved away for a couple of years in my 20’s, it was a nice reason to be home again. But, after a while, the thrill started to fade. It  became a routine.

But, suddenly, it’s back.

Marco’s only two, so he’s still on the verge of really getting it. But we’re close. Having kids means the spirit of Christmas has returned. As our first Christmas as a family of four, the memories are being made.

It’s the excitement of opening a mound of presents in your PJs, underneath that twinkling tree.

2013-12-20 001 005 2013-12-20 001 008

2013-12-20 001 010

2013-12-20 001 015

2013-12-20 001 027

2013-12-20 001 018

It’s getting the chance to test out your cousin’s awesome gift. Sorry you didn’t get a Corvette, Marco. I know know how it feels.

2013-12-20 001 023

It’s taking the annual grandkid shot. Ty makes it ten.
2013-12-20 001 036 2013-12-20 001 032
It’s breaking in Uncle Allen’s big gift – Karaoke for all.
2013-12-20 001 044 2013-12-20 001 043
It’s bonding with the cousins we don’t get to see nearly enough.

2013-12-20 001 050 2013-12-20 001 051

Having kids really does change things. And like so many other things in our lives, for the best. While I’m glad that the next Christmas is 11 months away, I look forward to knowing the excitement surrounding it is finally back.



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First Real Winter Snow + My Model of the Moment

I feel like this winter got a lot colder a lot faster than years past. We hada little bit of snow last week, but it wasn’t too impressive, and it was pretty cold outside. So, we passed on making a big deal about it with the boys, and decided to wait for something better.

Well, this morning we got it!


Marco is suddenly becoming much more difficult to get in a picture. Luckily, Ty is now sitting up, and always full of smiles. He’s officially my newest model. I think he’s doing quite well.



It wouldn’t be a complete set of snow photos without Frankie. She was made for the stuff.


Marco and Dad built a very tall snowman.




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Welcome Ty William

I never blog anymore, but I figure there’s no better reason to dust off the old keyboard and create new post than then arrival of our adorable baby boy –
Ty William Puricelli.

ty annc2_edited-1 (2) (533x800)

May 4, 2013 2:07pm
8lbs 1 oz, 20.75 in long

Ty arrived in record time (as in 6 hours faster than his brother, Marco). From the start, he’s been a happy little guy. Now almost 10 weeks old, he’s busy showing off the sweetest big-cheeked smiles. I forgot how infectious those tiny little grins really can be.

2013-06-30 001 025

Marco is a great big brother, adjusting well to having to share the attention. Sure, we saw a little jealously sprout up at first, but overall he thinks “baby” isn’t so bad.
2013-06-22 001 007

All in all, life as a family of 4 is going well!
2013-06-13 001 037

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July 10, 2013 · 3:54 pm

Making Room for Baby #2

One of the reasons I love finding out the baby’s gender is the chance to plan the nursery. And now that we know baby #2 is a boy, it’s time to get moving.

He’ll be in what we currently call the “computer room.” Which, in all reality, is the place we store the ever important things like Lucas’ college beer coozie collection and my rarely used knitting supplies. There’s also a nice shot glass collection, and a hand-me-down loveseat that I halfheartedly covered about a year ago, and has been doing a fine job of collecting dust ever since.

2013-01-05 001 012  2013-01-05 001 014

2013-01-05 001 0152013-01-05 001 007

This is also the last-remaining wallpapered room in the house. Hopefully it comes down as cleanly as it did in Marco’s Room de Toile. It’s kind of like a burlap print, which isn’t the most offensive we’ve seen, but definitely isn’t something we want to keep around, either.

I’m not 100% sure what I’ll be doing in that room, but I’ve been leaning towards a navy and lime green feel. I’ve found some examples that I really, really love, and I’ve found some examples that I really don’t. So, I’m being cautious as I move ahead. I’ve found a few starter pieces for inspiration.

644ed055-fcaa-4475-8543-1354c069e68d_320 Screen Shot 2013-01-07 at 9.09.55 PM Screen Shot 2012-12-13 at 11.22.25 AM Screen Shot 2012-12-13 at 4.10.23 PM

I love that sweater moose head. It’s made from upcycled sweaters. The only problem is, there’s no guarantee which sweater you’ll be getting. So, while that one is pretty adorable, there’s always the risk of getting some purple and tangerine argyle combo instead. Hmm. Risk worth taking?

As for the walls, I think I’ll keep them neutral. Like a soft gray. But, then again…maybe one lime green wall (or dark navy??) wouldn’t hurt? This is pretty cute:


I’m feeling good about the color combination. Now it’s just a matter of finding the motivation to clear out the room and strip that wallpaper. And figure out where we’re going to store/hide everything in there. Ugh. Did I mention that room also served as my overflow closet? Yep, a lot to do and the clock is ticking! Those moms weren’t kidding when they said pregnancy #2 flies by!

Anyway, just to finish things off, I thought I’d take a trip down memory lane and post a few before and afters of Marco’s room. Such a fun transformation. I seriously can’t believe that toile. I won’t mention names, but a few people questioned why we were taking it down…

Before (obviously)


2011-08-15-001-015 2011-08-15-001-007-2 2011-08-15-001-013

Holy cow we came a long way!


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2012 at a Glance

So, turns out 2012 was not the year I took on a professional blogging career. Not that it was ever really a goal (okay, maybe in far away dreams when there are 38 hours in every day and I no longer have that natural need for sleep). I do wish I had kept up a little bit more, but my lack of dedication to this page was well overshadowed by the other things in my life:

1. Watching my favorite little man grow into a walking, talking, adorable toddler. I can’t believe what a difference a year makes. It’s been so, so fun. I can’t wait to see him grow more and more. And see him as a big brother!


Our 2012 Christmas Card. The words say it all.

2. Yep, big brother is right! Baby boy #2 is due this spring, May 4th to be exact. Life with two is a little terrifying to think about, especially two within 19 months of each other, but we’re up for the challenge. In fact, we can’t wait. Oh, and any name ideas are more than welcome. Seriously. We’re struggling.


Lucas’ work Christmas Party. I have no idea how he got his stomach out that far, but it’s pretty impressive.

3. Some house stuff, though nothing compared to 2011. When I look back at 2011, I can’t believe everything we accomplished on our new-to-us home. We bought that sucker as-is and dove headfirst into an insane amount of work – stuff I swore I’d blog before and afters of. Yeah, it hasn’t happened. Maybe one day it will . That being said, it was nice to not have the stress of “must get done work” this year and focus on more basic things like painting the shutters from green to black and finding the right living room rug. And if it weren’t for that 1st trimester exhaustion + toddler that hit me like a rock this fall, I swear I would have done so much more.

4. It’s hard to do housework when you’re busy doing work, work. I don’t really like to blog about my job, but there was one project in particular that really reminded me how fortunate I am to have it. It was an annual contest held by Purina® Pro Plan® Rally to Rescue®, where rescue groups within the program submit their stories, four finalists are chosen, then videos are made for the public to watch and vote on. For me, this meant about 3 weeks of traveling to 4 cities across the country – Phoenix, Sacramento, Charlotte and Door County – listening to rescuers and adopters tell stories of how their rescued pets are now doing great things. I swear I was touched by each and every person we met along the way. And their pets. With all of the bad things that seem to happen in our country, it’s so wonderful to be welcomed by 4 groups of total strangers, and feel connected with and inspired by them in just two days. And all the more reason I believe that if everyone in this world had a dog or a cat (or both) in their home, it would be happier, more selfless place.


Pudding, this year’s contest winner. He saved his owner’s life the night she brought him home. Pretty amazing. The story was shot in Door County, Wisconsin at a little neighborhood flower shop. I kind of wanted to move there, or at least find a vacation home.

5. All the rest.  We’ve also been busy doing what we do. Lucas and I did manage to sneak in a trip to Mexico in February when Marco was 5 months old. It was so needed (though I think we could use one more than ever right now). I think we attempted one camping trip together, which didn’t even last an entire night due to a horrible thunderstorm. We spent a few weekends at the lake (both Table Rock and Ozarks). We made it out to the wineries a couple of times. Lucas grew another giant pumpkin, while being challenged by a horrible drought. We went out, hung out with family and friends, all the stuff that keeps you going. And, I’m sure there’s a lot more, but it’s all kind of a blur. We’re very blessed to have all we have!


Annual lake trip with our friends, this year at Table Rock.

I’m not big on resolutions, but I do hope to blog maybe once a week. Along with getting more done with the house, getting back in shape after baby #2 comes (I am the only child in my family who has yet to run a 1/2 marathon), taking a much-needed vacation…and the list goes on.


Marco watching the fireworks this week. Since the drought caused everyone to cancel the 4th of July shows this year, Kirkwood saved theirs for the New Year.

Happy New Year! Be safe and cheers to a wonderful 2013!!


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Deja Vu or Just Good Practice?

There was a point in time — when Frankie had reached a certain age — that I frequently called Lucas in the midst of a puppy-is-insane-I-must-leave-for-work-but-the-beast-won’t-stop meltdown. Terrorizing the cats, squeezing under the bed then crying because she couldn’t get out, angering a once-content Tito, running through the hall with the end of the toilet paper roll in her mouth (tail in full-wag the entire time)…the dog never stopped.

I think it’s safe to say, Marco has reached that age.

Yet, no tears have been shed this time around. It could be that I’m tougher.

Or, maybe Frankie just did a fine job of breaking me in.

Either way, those will always be two of my favorite faces, ever.

Side note, please excuse the bathroom. The 1970’s purple disco fairytale we bought with the house has yet to be redone…

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It’s That Time of the Year…

…when little, bitty pumpkins start to slowly appear throughout our home. It first began this time last year. And the tradition has continued on this year, too. It’s pretty fun. And definitely makes me look like I’m on top of my fall decorating, when the truth is, all I do is rearrange the ones that mysteriously multiply on our living room mantel (for those who don’t know, my husband has taken up an incredibly dedicated hobby of pumpkin growing. Our backyard includes a patch of two 400+ pound great pumpkins).

And with the baby boy’s due date now just 6 days away. I can’t say I mind getting a jumpstart on the decorating. God knows it’s not going to be easy to do when we bring the little man  home.

Plus, taking pictures of baby pumpkins gives me a chance to work on my photo-taking ability before the real baby arrives.

Now I just need to work on getting this big baby ready for the new arrival…

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