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Christmas Lights, Baby!

When Marco was a baby, I decided to try out the Pinterest-worthy baby + Christmas light photo shoot. Granted, he was only about 11 weeks old, so it was a lot of hoping he didn’t tip, and just giving up and shooting him on the floor images.



Regardless, he was still pretty cute.



Since Ty is 7 months, and a seasoned sitter, things were a little bit easier. The biggest challenge this time around, was keeping the lights out of this mouth — we’ve all seen the cat scene in Christmas Vacation, right? Image

Yeah, let’s not go there.

Ty Lights 6


Ty Lights 3

Ty Lights 5


I think they turned out pretty well this time around. Nice work, Baby Ty!

Alright, off to go prepare for Santa’s visit (i.e. fill up my wine glass and start wrapping). Merry Christmas!


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