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Deja Vu or Just Good Practice?

There was a point in time — when Frankie had reached a certain age — that I frequently called Lucas in the midst of a puppy-is-insane-I-must-leave-for-work-but-the-beast-won’t-stop meltdown. Terrorizing the cats, squeezing under the bed then crying because she couldn’t get out, angering a once-content Tito, running through the hall with the end of the toilet paper roll in her mouth (tail in full-wag the entire time)…the dog never stopped.

I think it’s safe to say, Marco has reached that age.

Yet, no tears have been shed this time around. It could be that I’m tougher.

Or, maybe Frankie just did a fine job of breaking me in.

Either way, those will always be two of my favorite faces, ever.

Side note, please excuse the bathroom. The 1970’s purple disco fairytale we bought with the house has yet to be redone…


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My Funny Valentine

Once again, it’s been way too long since I’ve posted.
I’ll be perfectly honest here…Work + Motherhood = Busy Life.

For example, this evening I’ll be on a flight to NYC to spend my third year in a row amid the grandest canine event there ever was — The Westminster Dog Show. While I’m excited to go, it does mean I’ll miss Valentine’s Day at home, for the third year in a row. I’m not actually a huge fan of the Hallmark holiday, so it doesn’t really bother me much. This year, however, I have the most adorable valentine ever, so I felt obliged to snap a quick photo gallery of my “Little Casanova” before taking off.

That sweet little smile can seriously make a heart flutter.

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The New Little Sister*

I’d like to take a moment to introduce you to Living Room’s new baby sister – Toile Baby. It’s a spot for me to ramble on about everything this pregnant life shall produce. And hopefully something the little one can eventually visit to see what mom and dad were up to back in the days that he/she was still just a bump on my belly.

Hope you enjoy following our journey!

*Yes, I called this blog a little sister. However, that doesn’t mean the baby will be a sister. It could very well be a brother. It just feels like the blog is more girly that boyish, so “sister” just felt right.

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