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Color On My Mind

When we went to the inspection on our new house, I focused particularly hard on what I was going to do to bring some life to the blank palette before me.
After we left, I headed straight to Home Depot for some color coordination inspiration.

For now, I’m leaning towards a tranquil, yet warm, blue and gray scheme.

There are about 8 billion swatches to choose from –  creating quite a challenge in finding that perfect combination of colors. So I  decided to start where I last finished – my current kitchen. Since it took me 4 shades of blue to get to a color I loved, and I’ve only had about 2 months to really enjoy it, I’m going to carry the perfection of that “Rocky Mountain Sky” into our new home.

Yay! A starting point. So then I decided to keep something neutral for the living room. I (in an anticlimactic fashion) thought that the color of our current dining room matches that blue pretty well.

And though that line of Ralph Lauren paints has been discontinued (which I learned the hard way when we had to touch up around a new thermostat last winter), I found a Martha Stewart color called “Tobacco Leaf” that I think will have the same effect.

Now that I had those two figured out, it was onto the dining room and the den. For some reason, I’ve been craving gray lately. I saw this on Martha’s Stewart’s website and was instantly drawn. Unfortunately, they didn’t tell me the color, only said it was a “mousey gray.”

Right now, I’m thinking this Behr “Granite Boulder” might do the trick in our dining room, as long as it’s not too dark. Or too brown.

And then there’s the den. To carry on my neutral grayish, blue theme, I thinking I need a blue that’s just a tad bit deeper than the kitchen, like Behr “Prelude.” It would also possibly work in the foyer.

So, to put it all together, I played around with a little paint-swatch blueprint. Hmmm. You get the idea.

Or, like this…

But now the dining room is looking more brown than gray, so I might have to rethink that. And there’s also the bathroom. And the upstairs will soon follow after all of this is figured out. Ahh, decisions, decisions.

At least I’m getting closer. And I have all sorts of great people offering to help get it on the walls in return for some pizza and wine. Plus, it’s only paint, so if one doesn’t work, we’ll (I’ll) try, try again!



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Kitchen Before & After

1 coat of primer, 3 shades of blue, 6 trips to Home Depot, and 5 laborious days later…and my kitchen is red no more.

Last week I proudly blogged my little red heart out, declaring my new love for blue and how I was going to transform my kitchen with one swift stroke of a brush (read here).

Not so much. What seemed like a simple enough project ended up taking me all week. It all started with Behr Snow Leopard:

It took one wall and about 20 minutes to decide this color was not going to work. It was so light that it was almost white, and it left the room feeling drab. Even when I bought it I thought it was too light, but my buddies at Home Depot swore to me it would appear much darker once it was up. Nope. Not so much. The name should have been my first clue. You don’t hear about blue snow leopards very often….

So I headed back and chose the next “blue” on the swatch — Pensive Sky

Much. Much. Much better. I was starting to like it. Lucas, however, was not.

He still thought it looked too white. And since I wasn’t 100% in love, his opinion was enough to make me put down the brush and try yet again. Only this time, I got smarter.

I couldn’t decide if the THIRD color on the swatch (Rhino) was going to be enough, or if I needed a whole new swatch altogether. So, I purchased two handy little sample sizes, and tried ’em out:
Rhino vs. Rocky Mountain Sky

And the winner — Rocky Mountain Sky.

It ended up being the perfect bluish-gray combo to create a contrast against my white cabinets and the new white chair rail I created. Plus, it’s a nice complement to the floor.  

And, I changed our light-switch plates, which I found at Target, and gave the room an extra updated touch.

So, here’s the before and after! That crazy-hard work paid off. I’m loving the new, soft and modern feel.







I’m loving it, and my only regret is not doing it sooner. I love the way the pictures now pop off of the walls (I’m sure you noticed I’ve switched a few things around), the way everything looks so clean, and the way that it’s finally, finally finished!


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