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Holiday Decoration Inspiration

Since our mid-December move makes holiday decorating pretty much impossible this year, I’ve been living vicariously through the spirit of others. Here are a few ideas I’ve found via a blog link party. I thought it might help fill the ho, ho, ho missing from my own posts.


I loved this vintage-looking red block sign from Unskinny Boppy.



The floating (with fishing line) ornaments done at The Lettered Cottage.


The pewter planters found on Finding Home.


And the reindeer proudly assisting the mantle at Restyled Home 
(and another bold-lettered Christmas sign, too).

All sorts of great ideas out there. I guess that means more inspiration to save up for our new home next year!



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Hydranga Blue

I know it doesn’t sound fall, but the crisp, fresh feel of it (in my new blue kitchen) sure does make it feel fall. Perhaps it’s the way they complement my straw pumpkins.

Or maybe it’s just that I’ve happily found a use for my pretty copper ice bucket on an occasion other than those that would require an ice bucket. All I know, is I’m liking the look. And the match to my new blue kitchen. ;)


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Clay & Cotton

Remember way back when, when I did a little post on some of the fun, new shops in Kirkwood? One thing I mentioned was that Clay & Cotton would soon be celebrating its grand opening. Well, I just got an email reminding me to check it out September 23-26. Plus, a portion of all proceeds from the weekend are going to be donated to Stray Rescue! What better reason to stop on by?

And… if you just can’t wait another 8 days to see all they have to offer, this weekend also happens to be a great time to stop in. Because while you’re there, you can stop by the Green Tree Festival for food, fun, crafts, dog shows, beer gardens, dancing, music, kettle corn, contests, adoptable pets, games, kabobs…

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Could Target Become 2nd Best?

Tonight, I had a revelation.

I love Target. I always have. I always will.

I take pride in being one of those girls who goes in for toothpaste, and comes out with $250 worth of new-found treasures I never knew I couldn’t live without.

But tonight…that unyielding swipe of my credit card went to someone else:

And it wasn’t the first time.

It was a simple “return” trip. The kind that I would  frequently take to Target. I was bringing back an RL tablerunner I found over the weekend, which upon putting on my table, realized was about 24 inches too short.

So, on my way to the grocery store, I decided to stop by TJ’s and simply return the runner for the $12.99 I had paid. (okay, and maybe to check out a pair of boots that had caught my eye over the weekend, too. But that was it. Really. It was.)

And then I strolled. And saw some soap…

$4.99 for something that looks way cooler than some the brand-name stuff I’d find at Target? I mean, it’s “harvest bliss,” so I had to have it…

And an owl ($4.99).

And a green colander ($9.99).

And an absolutely necessary ceramic sugar holder ($6.99).

For a grand total of $26.96 +tax, I had found myself a pretty nice little combination of new home decor. Happy me. :)

Woah. Wait a second..did I? Yes, I did. I went to TJ Maxx for a return, and left spending twice as much as I was going to get back. Oops. I had just pulled a Target….

And then that scary idea came to my mind:
Could Target Become MY SECOND Best?”
The answer? If for no other reason than I kinda get sick to my stomach just typing those words, I’m gonna say…not so much. Whew. Much better. But, each store does have its own reason for being (as in, being a large chunk of my credit card bill each month).

So, let’s take a look:

Target: So, if I rewind back to this weekend, the whole reason I went to TJ Maxx was to buy a new outdoor tablecloth for our patio furniture. Did I ever find that tablecloth? No. Because when you go to TJ Maxx, you never know what you’ll find. At Target, you know. You also know that you’re guaranteed to find things that are stylish and in-season. Not always the case with TJM. And, had I needed a tablecloth and some mascara, Target would have been my choice from the start. (if I did find a tube of mascara at TJM, I can’t say I would feel comfortable purchasing it…their beauty products tend to give me an old, thrift-store-esque vibe. ya know?)

TJ Maxx: The ultimate treasure hunt. Now, I may not wish to buy beauty products from there…but jeans – H*LL yes! At Target, you might find a fashion designer’s dumbed-down version of clothing, but at TJM, you get the real thing, at a great price! (my favorite pair of Joe’s is from there, actually). And that goes for everything, from Frye boots, to Peugot watches, to Calphalon cookware. Plus, while both stores offer a huge variety, at TJM, you can kind of think that what you’re finding is one-of-a-kind (or at least a whole lot closer).

In short, I couldn’t live without either one. They both have their purpose, and both have a huge presence in my home. And, frankly, that’s the way I like it. :)

So, for now…the rankings shall remain:
Target, #1
TJ Maxx, #2

Thoughts? Agree? Disagree?
Is there something even better out there??

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65¢ work of art

The wall in our bathroom has been horribly blank for quite some time. I had yet to decide what actually belonged there.

But, just the other day, I spotted this adorable monogram image on Etsy.

“Perfect!” I thought. And I decided that as cute as it was, I could always save some cash and make one on my own. So I printed out a pretty “P” with “Puricelli” and headed to Michael’s to gather all the necessary pieces to make the perfect bathroom decor:
various sheets of patterned scrapbook paper ($.60 to $.90 a sheet)
an Exacto knife (3 bucks)

And then scrounged around at home to find the rest:
double sided tape
old picture frame

So….last night I sat down at the table and got to work. Or so I thought. I kept trimming up that “P.” Swapping out my fancy backgrounds. Attempting a frame to put around my initial….

Until realizing that all I created was a big, old “UGH.” This brilliant DIY idea was NOT transforming into the beautiful picture I had imagined.

I began to give up. My last hope was to frame this disaster, with the thought that it would somehow magically become the perfect picture I had in my head. So, I grabbed one of my favorite backgrounds, placed the “P” in, and took a look…

ummm, not so much.

But that was when I realized that the paper alone was really pretty.

Hmmm. I thought. What if…I took out the initial, trimmed up the paper, and let it stand alone. PLUS, the natural feel of the cardboard that was already in my frame added an organic touch…

hey! ….65¢ never looked so fine!

I put it up on the wall, and the design brought in the exact colors to pull in the brown on the walls with the sky blue in my bath mat!

I loved it. And, not to mention, the price.

I still have a place in my heart for that initial, so I might just have to find a spot for it. I’m thinking maybe it wasn’t meant to be right there on the bathroom wall…after all, our initial is a “P” and it’s kind of an ironic letter to have directly across from the toilet. :) ha. potty humor.

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