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A Year to Remember

So, Lucas and I just celebrated our 1 year anniversary.
YUM, cake from Sugaree Bakery...still delicious a year later!

Going back to the time when my life was consumed by wedding planning, one thing I always thought about was what from that day I would still have around in the years ahead (other than the husband, of course). One year later, it makes me happy to see that a few pieces are still being used to decorate our home.

One thing is this sign. Rather than doing typical table numbers, I decided that I would label each table according to a special moment or phrase that related to our relationship. I thought this sweet saying (found at Moonbeams in Kirkwoood http://www.moonbeams-kirkwood.com/) was the perfect way to pull each idea together. It was placed on the table which held our seating cards.

Since the wedding, the sign has sat on the table beside our front door.

Another thing I loved from the wedding were these tiny, silver elephants. Since our reception was at the St. Louis Zoo, they were the perfect accent piece. Plus, they say elephants are a symbol of wisdom and good fortune on your wedding day.

I used the elephants to hold up the descriptions of each designated table. I think I bought about 80 of them, and 40 were left (and collected by my mom) at the end of the night.

Picture taken by Nicole Welch Photography nicolewelchphotography.com

And now, these little guys keep the good fortune coming around the house…

And I couldn’t help but add this “3daysbeforetheweddingandallthisstuffmustgosomewhere!!!” shot. I took it just before they were all shipped out to the Zoo…

Of course there were also a few gifts that have been on display in our home since the big day, as well.

I love this needlepoint pillow my cousin/godmother made for me. The pillow is navy, which was my main color, and accented with tulips. However, tulips were not my wedding flowers, but they were the flowers I wish I could have (but August in St. Louis meant tulips were not an option).

And, finally, I love this picture. It was given to us by our good friends, Brian and Susie, and I think is such a fun, personalized wedding present.

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year already! I love going back and remembering the fun we had that day!



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Our Living Room

This blog first began via my growing interest in sprucing up our home, all while imagining future possibilities, should we ever move to another…i.e. I get to start from scratch. ;)

Yet, I am far from saying that my talent in my home serves as an ability to host a blog purely on “interior design.” There are many, many other women out there who already put both my taste and my executions to shame (they also happen to always give me fresh, new ideas on what to do next). Inspiration for my home is drawn from visiting the houses of friends and family, browsing etsy.com, checking out blogs of true interior designers…and of course walking the aisles of Target and paging through my growing stack of Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel catalogs.


The world of clever, never-ending inspiration

The decision to call my blog “Living Room” started by thinking that I’d love to share updates when I do something new or fun to my home. It evolved when I started to think about what “Living Room” really means.  By definition, living room is: a room in a house for general and informal everyday use. But I began thinking about it in a broader sense, and, without getting too philosophical, thought about the idea of what is our own personal “Living Room?” It’s not just a place…

It’s about making room in your life to live and laugh, a little more.

And it’s about discovering the things that can cause it. It could be traveling, firing up a new grill,  hanging a fresh piece of art, planting beautiful hydrangeas or seeing my dog’s ears perk up out of sheer, rub-your-nose-in-the-dirt happiness…


Tito relaxing on the shores of the Current River

I’d say that right now my husband’s “living room” is his garden. He’s transformed our everyday, suburban fenced-in backyard into his own pride and joy – a pumpkin patch.  He’s out there every night tending to those pumpkins, and it fuels him. He constantly works to make it bigger and better.

The Pumpkin Patch

The early stages of Lucas' pumpkin patch

Another example – I recently went to dinner at my friend, Laura’s, home. Her literal living room is absolutely beautiful, and definitely inspiring. She has two young children, and you would never, ever guess they live there…it is spotless.  While my other friend’s and I gawked over how clean it was, she simply said, “I recycle their toys.” Her method is easy ­– her kids play with their toys for two weeks, she puts them in storage, she pulls out a “new” round of toys for the next two weeks. She claims the kids get just as excited as if it was a brand new toy from the store. To me, that’s part of her “living room” (and something worth sharing on a blog once this thing gets up and running!)

To make a long story short…my goal is to post anything from friends, websites, shops and travels that, well, inspire me!



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