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How to Enjoy Fishing and Camping (when you’re not really into fishing and camping)

The many ways I’ve survived embraced marriage to an outdoorsman.

Within the first year of dating Lucas, I had about 16 camping trips under my belt. Both family and friends were quite amused by this fact. And still are to this day. It’s not that I’m high-maintenance. I did, in fact, once accompany my brother, his wife and her brother on a 4-day hike through the Idaho Sawtooth Mountains.
And what did I have to show for it?
Two bone-revealing blisters, a deep appreciation for plumbing and a cross-my-heart promise that I would never, ever, partake in such an activity again.
It was painful. And at one point, my brother was rehearsing how he was going to tell my mom that I didn’t survive. And you really could see my bones through the blisters on heels. Eek.

I will admit, it was it was some of the most beautiful scenery I’ve ever seen. And something I’ll never forget. But next time, I’m taking a horse.

So how can you enjoy camping, even if you’re convinced it’s not your thing?
It’s simple…

1. Bring Your Best Buds.
When Lucas heads to the river (tackle box-in-hand), there are two pals who never fail to keep me company.
And provide entertainment.

 2. Catch up on your reading.
I have difficulty finding enough time for my magazines and my books. But when we’re out in the wilderness, and Lucas is focusing on his small mouth bass, I have absolutely no problem relaxing from cover-to-cover. 

3. Explore

Typically, we camp at Meramec Springs State Park. I learned very quickly that the trail around the springs offers beautiful scenery, 


and tranquility.

4. Look closely.
Enjoy the things you’d never see in your own backyard.

(which isn’t always a bad thing…)

5. Play.
I almost beat him this time…
 6. Bring a cook
(or at least someone who’s excited to throw the charcoal on the grill)

7. Remember why you came.
Yes, I have to admit, half the reason he’s gotten me to go so many times is because I know how happy it makes him to be out here. Which makes me happy, too. :)

8. Make sure he appreciates you’re there.
Hey, he’s not always a romantic…but his little etch (in our picnic table) makes me smile. ;P

9. R E L A X
Notice the screw top? There has been more than one occasion that the corkscrew was nowhere to be found.  No worries here.

And a crackling fire helps, too. 

10. Remember Home Is Just A Dirt Road Away.
So, even if your camping experience wasn’t the best, just keep in mind that that’s what it is. An experience. And, if you do it my way, you’ll be back on the road and headed back to a clean home and cozy shower in no time.


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My Favorite Camper

Just wanted to share a photo of the best camper there ever was.

We headed to Meramec Springs for the night, and as usual, Tito was one happy little man.

( those ears say it all…)

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