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Paint, Plumbing and Pure Pandemonium

I’ve  been meaning to update this blog with new house pics and progress on its wondrous transformation. But, it just so happens they have taken every bit of time and every ounce of energy I have had in the past 3 weeks. Things are finally getting in order, so I promise to post a few “before and afters” this week. Or at least the before and on-their-way-to-being-afters.

Yes, this house has been quite a task, not to mention chock full of homeowner surprises. So, while I’ve crossed a few lines off that list from a few weeks back, quite a few more major tasks have made their way on it. Including new plumbing stacks, new gutters, invisible fence (luckily there’s one in the ground, just need a collar), sewer lateral and trees coming down. But, rather than submerge you in our backed up sinks and waterfalls in the basement…I’ll stick to the pretty things. Like, color.

At this point, the guys at the Home Depot paint counter are becoming old friends. But, I can’t say enough about how pleased I’ve been with the multiple gallons of Behr paint I have been purchasing (just $19 a pop). For every room we’ve tackled thus far, it’s taken just one, solid coat of Behr to get the job done (including picking and repainting a new color in the foyer for the 3rd time this past weekend).

And yes, I once again started buying samples to help me cope with the overwhelming color combinations before me.

As for what’s been checked off the original list:

pull down the kitchen wallpaper (thanks mom)

go to the paint store to officially choose the paint colors

paint the living room (neutral)

paint the dining room (gray)

paint the den (blue)

paint the kitchen (blue) … but going to paint it another blue

paint the kitchen cabinets

paint the foyer (?)

get cable and internet

pull up the carpet in the office

make room for the cars in the garage

configure beautiful display on our built-in bookshelves around the fireplace

get the items we were “temporarily” storing at my parent’s house

find the box with the dogs’ bowls and leashes and enjoy a walk in the new neighborhood

We’re getting there. Last week we had our scary, vintage electric box switched out. Tomorrow the plumber comes to replace our stacks so we can once again use the garbage disposal and the kitchen sink as much as we please (oh, and if you’re buying a house, get the home warranty – already saving us lot’s ‘o $$$ on the plumbing). And the tree guys will be coming to take down the monstrous ash who’s leaning just a little too close to the house. And thanks to the help of my mom and mother-in-law, the painting of the downstairs is very close to being complete. Just need to get to that trim…and ceilings…and windows…and touch-ups…

And tomorrow, I plan to present my first semi-complete room transformation – the dining room. So be on the look-out!


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Signed, Sealed, Delivered…It’s Ours!

It’s been 5 days since we’ve moved into the new home. And I love it. I do. I love the street, I love the yard, I love the little touches of charm that we’ve been discovering every new day we’re there.

photo taken before Lucas, my dad and cousin raked those billions of leaves

Unfortunately, I’m not sure it loves us back. Yet.

Why? You ask.

We moved in on Friday – the most beautiful day you could ever ask for in December. It got up to nearly 50 degrees, was sunny, dry, every mover’s dream.

Day 1. Saturday – it dropped about 45 degrees (resulting in a total of FIVE degrees F), it snowed and froze. And our 2 car garage? Still packed with boxes.

Later on Saturday, the Direct TV guy came to set up the cable. And he left about 10 minutes later. Turns out our beautifully wooded backyard doesn’t lend itself so well to a satellite signal. Day 1 without TV.

Day 2. Sunday. Go to take a nice warm shower in our shrine of purple disco power. Two minutes in and I realize my warm shower has a chill. A bitter chill. An “oh F” this shower is COLD chill (luckily, the chill was soon cured with a twist on the hot water heater. Still, it was cold in the meantime).

Day 3. On Monday, I was ready to do some laundry. So, I connected the hoses to our washing machine and threw in our first load at the new home. Well, about a half hour into it, Lucas mentioned that something “didn’t sound quite right,” which led me to go downstairs to discover a very soapy, very flooded basement. Turns out the water in the washer doesn’t just evaporate on its own, there’s a hose for that (one I happened to skip over)…at least the floors are clean?

Day 4. Tuesday, since Direct TV shot us down, we went with Uverse. The guy gets there at 2:30 pm. Leaves at 9 pm. After almost 7 flippin’ hours, he’s still not done. It’s sad, but true — 5 days sans TV are truly painful. It’s hard enough to get out of bed in the morning, but without Matt, Meredith and Al there to greet me, it’s been nearly impossible.

Day 5. Things are looking up. Nothing too drastic has occurred, though I did get a call from Lucas’ mom saying she couldn’t make it in town this weekend to help paint :(. But, she’s coming in a couple of weeks, and I’m sure there will still be plenty of items we’ll need help with.

With that in mind, it’s time for a list. Once this is all in front of me, and I can start checking things off, the minor mishaps like the ones from our first few days will be a thing of the past. So…sometime in the near future we will:

pull down the kitchen wallpaper (thanks mom)

pull down the 1/2 bath wallpaper

go to the paint store to officially choose the paint colors

paint the living room (neutral)

paint the dining room (gray)

paint the den (blue)

paint the kitchen (blue)

paint the kitchen cabinets

get a new, stainless fridge

put up big shelves on empty wall of the kitchen

paint the foyer (?)

paint the 1/2 bath (?)

get cable and internet

replace the thermostats

pull up the carpet in the office

unpack every single box

organize the basement

make room for the cars in the garage

replace the vanity in the full bath

replace the toilet in the full bath

tear down purple disco wallpaper in the full bath

replace shrine/tub and tile in the full bath

buy a slipcover for our living room couch

hang up pictures in every room of the house

repaint the two big bedrooms upstairs

install ceiling fans

pull up carpet on steps (hardwood underneath)

configure beautiful display on our built-in bookshelves around the fireplace

get the items we were “temporarily” storing at my parent’s house

find the box with the dogs’ bowls and leashes and enjoy a walk in the new neighborhood

Okay, I think that’s enough for now. Whew. Yes, we’re going to be busy. But we knew that when we bought the place. And there’s no way we could have gotten this place if all of the above had been done before we moved in. I’m so excited to have a chance to do each of those things, and make the house our own! And there are many more items that I’m sure will come up soon. Not to mention the outside activities (which I am heavily relying on Lucas to pursue). Yep, we’re gonna be busy. And I like it. :)

Oh, and the family who was here before us, for over 50 years, sent us the prettiest flowers this weekend with a sweet note that read: Best wishes in your new home. May it bring you as much joy and pleasure as it brought our family.



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Color On My Mind

When we went to the inspection on our new house, I focused particularly hard on what I was going to do to bring some life to the blank palette before me.
After we left, I headed straight to Home Depot for some color coordination inspiration.

For now, I’m leaning towards a tranquil, yet warm, blue and gray scheme.

There are about 8 billion swatches to choose from –  creating quite a challenge in finding that perfect combination of colors. So I  decided to start where I last finished – my current kitchen. Since it took me 4 shades of blue to get to a color I loved, and I’ve only had about 2 months to really enjoy it, I’m going to carry the perfection of that “Rocky Mountain Sky” into our new home.

Yay! A starting point. So then I decided to keep something neutral for the living room. I (in an anticlimactic fashion) thought that the color of our current dining room matches that blue pretty well.

And though that line of Ralph Lauren paints has been discontinued (which I learned the hard way when we had to touch up around a new thermostat last winter), I found a Martha Stewart color called “Tobacco Leaf” that I think will have the same effect.

Now that I had those two figured out, it was onto the dining room and the den. For some reason, I’ve been craving gray lately. I saw this on Martha’s Stewart’s website and was instantly drawn. Unfortunately, they didn’t tell me the color, only said it was a “mousey gray.”

Right now, I’m thinking this Behr “Granite Boulder” might do the trick in our dining room, as long as it’s not too dark. Or too brown.

And then there’s the den. To carry on my neutral grayish, blue theme, I thinking I need a blue that’s just a tad bit deeper than the kitchen, like Behr “Prelude.” It would also possibly work in the foyer.

So, to put it all together, I played around with a little paint-swatch blueprint. Hmmm. You get the idea.

Or, like this…

But now the dining room is looking more brown than gray, so I might have to rethink that. And there’s also the bathroom. And the upstairs will soon follow after all of this is figured out. Ahh, decisions, decisions.

At least I’m getting closer. And I have all sorts of great people offering to help get it on the walls in return for some pizza and wine. Plus, it’s only paint, so if one doesn’t work, we’ll (I’ll) try, try again!


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