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Since Today Felt Like September…

…I figured I might as well post about something I meant to write about this fall — the patch.

Many people have asked if we (well, Lucas) grew giant pumpkins again this year. Yes, he did. However, being the hottest summer on record, the pumpkins didn’t get to the 500+ lb range that last year’s did. But the main one was over 300 lbs. Rather than compare the growing pumpkin to my growing belly, like we did last year, we got to model it with our growing boy.

2012-09-15 001 060   2012-09-15 001 077

I think he’s hired.

2012-09-15 001 076   2012-09-15 001 085

2012-09-15 001 075

We tried to take him to other pumpkin patches, but…

2012-10-28 001 001

…they just put him to sleep.


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The Family Patch

Check out the crop, born and raised in our own backyard.

And now proudly displayed on the front porch.

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Pumpkining Paradigms

As I’ve mentioned before, my husband is among the most dedicated of pumpkin growers on this side of 270. And to prove my point, I thought I’d share the sights I came home to this evening.

Exhibit A:
A pancake pumpkin sprouting….baby pancake pumpkins.

Yep, this little guy was sitting on my kitchen counter, chopped in threes, displaying the rather impressive skill of seed germination within oneself (I totally made that up, I have no idea if that’s really how you biologically would explain that).

Okay, this may be  a normal occurrence to advanced pumpkin growers, but in my mind, this was nothing short of very, very cool.

The other wonderful discovery of the night…

Exhibit B:
he drastic range of colors among our homegrown miniature pumpkins:

Yep, I sat down to watch The Office, and realized I literally had a squash rainbow sitting right in front of me.

From the soft white…

To the yellowed tint…

To the Happiest Halloween of Orange:

At our house it’s like a new fall surprise every time you turn around. ;)

 Happy First Day of Fall!

Stay tuned for more pictures from the pumpkin patch…

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Absorbing Fall

Just like that, college football is calling our names (Mizzou-Rah), a trip to the wineries is in the works, and it’s just about time to pull out those Frye boots I treated myself to over the summer.

(It was a summer sale, and I had a coupon for Piperlime
…and, well, I deserved them ;).

There are just some things about the chill of fall that, ironically enough, make me feel all warm and fuzzy…

1. Sure, I can wear jeans in winter, spring or summer, but in the fall, they’re just that much cozier.

2. Sure, I can pop in a scary movie any time of the year, but in the fall, the eerie feeling of shorter days and longer nights makes it so much more chilling.

3. And, sure, we still build campfires in the summer, but sitting beside a crackling fire on a cool fall night to stay all nice ‘n warm, just makes the atmosphere so absolutely complete.

Yep, fall is in the air, and I’m ready to breathe it all in!

And, yes, so is my husband who has started leaving freshly carved miniature pumpkins around the house, too. :)

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Our Living Room

This blog first began via my growing interest in sprucing up our home, all while imagining future possibilities, should we ever move to another…i.e. I get to start from scratch. ;)

Yet, I am far from saying that my talent in my home serves as an ability to host a blog purely on “interior design.” There are many, many other women out there who already put both my taste and my executions to shame (they also happen to always give me fresh, new ideas on what to do next). Inspiration for my home is drawn from visiting the houses of friends and family, browsing etsy.com, checking out blogs of true interior designers…and of course walking the aisles of Target and paging through my growing stack of Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel catalogs.


The world of clever, never-ending inspiration

The decision to call my blog “Living Room” started by thinking that I’d love to share updates when I do something new or fun to my home. It evolved when I started to think about what “Living Room” really means.  By definition, living room is: a room in a house for general and informal everyday use. But I began thinking about it in a broader sense, and, without getting too philosophical, thought about the idea of what is our own personal “Living Room?” It’s not just a place…

It’s about making room in your life to live and laugh, a little more.

And it’s about discovering the things that can cause it. It could be traveling, firing up a new grill,  hanging a fresh piece of art, planting beautiful hydrangeas or seeing my dog’s ears perk up out of sheer, rub-your-nose-in-the-dirt happiness…


Tito relaxing on the shores of the Current River

I’d say that right now my husband’s “living room” is his garden. He’s transformed our everyday, suburban fenced-in backyard into his own pride and joy – a pumpkin patch.  He’s out there every night tending to those pumpkins, and it fuels him. He constantly works to make it bigger and better.

The Pumpkin Patch

The early stages of Lucas' pumpkin patch

Another example – I recently went to dinner at my friend, Laura’s, home. Her literal living room is absolutely beautiful, and definitely inspiring. She has two young children, and you would never, ever guess they live there…it is spotless.  While my other friend’s and I gawked over how clean it was, she simply said, “I recycle their toys.” Her method is easy ­– her kids play with their toys for two weeks, she puts them in storage, she pulls out a “new” round of toys for the next two weeks. She claims the kids get just as excited as if it was a brand new toy from the store. To me, that’s part of her “living room” (and something worth sharing on a blog once this thing gets up and running!)

To make a long story short…my goal is to post anything from friends, websites, shops and travels that, well, inspire me!



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